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Will you decide to go to the destination of Val'Quirico or to New York? The dazzling beauty of the Riviera Maya? With thousands of hotels and so many destinations to enjoy, with great benefits.

Our club

Designed for unique experiences. Whether you need to take a well-deserved break to regain your balance; spend some super romantic days with your special person or quality time with your family, Club Serena welcomes you, unique experiences and personalized service. Discover new destinations, share unforgettable adventures, celebrate great events. Enjoy, live and enjoy

Exceptional Privileges at extraordinary resorts

Personalized attention from our Travel Concierges
We want your vacation to be perfect, so we'll take care of your special requests, from anniversary celebrations to early arrivals. We take care of booking your appointments, special moments and excursions.
Activities, entertainment and excursions for all ages
Fun for everyone day and night! In amusement parks, and the most fun destinations in the world, all with the support of our concierge team. Viva el la vida!
Excursions that make your vacation unforgettable
Let us complement your vacation with incredible tours and excursions - from snorkeling tours to jungle treks - with an exclusive discount for members. What places will you discover?
Savings on car rental
The best way to see the world: the amazing archaeological sites, parks and picturesque towns at your own pace. Take the wheel and receive up to a 25% discount exclusively for our members.

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